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June 2022 morelink



Help Give Mayan Youth a Future

The Mayan civilization, once one of the most advanced, has declined over time to the point where today severe poverty and suffering exist among the more than one million full-blood indigenous people in the Chiapas region of Mexico.

Unemployment is high, nearly 40%, and those who are employed work on coffee plantations, earning about $2.50 a day. Life expectancy is between 40 and 45 years. Infant mortality is about 50%, an unbelievably high rate.

In 1990, the Mayans in the town of Yajalón established a self-help civil association called "Yashalúm de Santiago Apóstle" to better conditions in their region through education of their youth and through various community programs. It was obvious that outside help would be needed to support their bold undertaking.

Mission Teaching Foundation (MTF), through Fr. Loren Riebe, recognized their need for help and without hesitation built a partnership with Yashalúm providing scholarships to the students and monetary assistance for their other programs.

Significant progress has been made, thanks to the determination of the Mayan community and the generosity of the compassionate individuals and families who have become a part of MTF. However, more help is desperately needed, and we pray that you will open your heart and help the less fortunate to create a better life for themselves.

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